Terrorists being given Miranda Rights?

There is a rumor going around on several prominent GOP-affiliated news outlets that President Obama is now giving high-profile detainees Miranda Rights (shown above). If true, this would contradict a statement given by Obama in March 2009 that detainees do not deserve to be granted Miranda Rights.

However, I find myself still suspicious of this claim, since it only seems to be appearing on the same sorts of news outlets that still go on about Obama’s Birth Certificate (the still-conservative Supreme Court already ruled that his Hawaiian BC was valid early this year, in case you hadn’t heard). So I will only consider this story to be substantiated when nonaligned or centrist news sources being to report on it independently. Until then, I will consider it to be another conspiracy theory along the lines of “Bush caused 9/11” or “Obama is secretly a Muslim with a socialist agenda”. God save America.

UPDATE(as of June 10 9:00 Eastern):  The Drudge Report has removed the news link and I can no longer find it in their archives. The only other sites that reported this are right-wing blogs that only posted the information AFTER Drudge did. This kind of quick but thorough retraction suggests to me that the information is from a unverified or fraudulent source. It almost reminds me of when Dan Rather reported then hastily retracted an accusation that Bush was AWOL during conscripted military training. It’s all careless journalism with a severe case of Confirmation Bias.


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