September 11, 2010

Nine years ago, American citizens, fearfully watching this horrific attack unfold, believed the media when it falsely proclaimed that Islam, not just Bin Laden’s , was responsible for 9/11. They gave up their rights to the Federal Government, believing the government’s assurances that they would be safer. Despite the offers of the Taliban to give  Bin Laden a public trial (let’s face it- a criminal proceeding in an Islamic court under pressure from the US would go much further in delegitimizing Bin Laden than an invasion, and we could always grab him later since we would have known where he was)  and the offer of Hussein to give up his presidency, they supported the start of two costly and arguably unnecessary invasions because the government believed it was necessary. They rationalized the unsupervised, tortuous interrogation of prisoners that had not been declared guilty under our law. And in about 550 out of 775 cases, our prisoners turned out to be completely innocent and were released…but only because the Supreme Court forced the government to do so. Many Americans dismissed constructive criticism of this and other poor anti-terrorism policies as being “unpatriotic” or “treasonous”.

We were deceived by those who swore to protect us. But we assisted. We helped deceive ourselves.

We can honorably fight those responsible for this atrocity and repair the damage to our country without needing policies based on fear and revenge. We can allow our ideas of  justice to prevail without sacrificing our security.