About the Site

The purpose of this site is to expose the hypocrisies and idiosyncrasies of human society. I want people to see and actually notice and care about the skeletons in our closets. I want people to have an eye on the past and the future simultaneously, giving themselves a context in which to place the present. Too many times have we sat down to watch the news and been tricked into believing the fake world of black-and-white that we are served every day.

Luckily, I am not some sort of 9/11 Truth/Zeitgeist/New World Order  conspiracy hippie. My position on the modern Orwellian/Huxley picture is realistic and does not make unwarranted assumptions:

A) I believe that once a person has a significant taste of power and wealth, they will typically begin to rationalize the unnecessary and continual pursuit of such assets. This explains modern market speculation, for example.

B) I believe that a great many people simultaneously pursue wealth, which means they will use similar strategies to achieve their goals. Occasionally, this strategic convergence will lead such people to work together to produce self-benefiting public policies. This is not conspiratorial in nature, but rather a systematic flaw of our socioeconomic institutions.

C) The current Liberal/Conservative polarization is a false dichotomy, a product of this same self-serving corporate and legislative manipulation. There is no conspiracy necessary to explain this, just game theory.

D) The only way to avoid being manipulated by such people is to develop a firm understanding of their motivations and the issues involved. In other words, the best defense is good research. Nurture a curiosity and healthy suspicion about other people. Trust only people and businesses who have demonstrated that they are trustworthy and have no conflict of interest when it comes to you.

This site is not about narcissistically expressing myself. This is a place for my musings on the news, a place for polite and logical debate, and a place to avoid unjustified generalizations that people heap upon other groups of people. As such, I will perma-ban anybody that comments and uses the terms “Righties” or “Libs” in a overgeneralized political smear.